Portable Hydronic Heating System

Кемпинг Нагреватель без окиси углерода - Портативная гидравлическая система отопления

Carbon monoxide detector?

Heat wave from the floor to the top

What is the most difficult thing for us during outdoor activities?

Maybe it’s cold weather. Because of this, carbon monoxide poisoning is common.


What if you could have a heater that was safe from Carbon Monoxide?


This outdoor heater, a type of which has never existed before, can raise your sleeping bag temperature up to 176F/80C.

It can be used for up to 12 hours with an 8oz/230g butane in the spring and autumn, which means you do not have to wake up in the night to make a fire.

On top of that, it is completely safe from carbon monoxide because it is installed outside the tent.

It is necessary gear for outdoor activities such as backpacking, ground camping, RV camping, Van camping, and fishing and hunting stakeouts.


Experience new era of outdoor heater in your wild adventures. Carbon Monoxide Free – LONGSPEAK portable camping heater!

Hydronic heating

What is it?

Applied efficient boiler system to outdoor heating

лучистое отопление пола котлом

Hydronic (water) heating systems are the most common radiant floor heating systems. Its operation is simple. A boiler heats water and circulates it to tubing under the flooring, which acts as a lying radiator. And then returns it to be reheated and recirculated. By this mechanism, a hydronic heating system can maintain a desired temperature even in the coldest weather.

While conventional heaters emit more heat than needed and disappear quickly, ondol heating has a significant amount of heat in the process of heat conduction.

Similarly, this is a feature you can find in a masonry heater or tile stove with comfort and energy efficiency. Only once or twice a day of heating can keep radiating heat for about 12 to 24 hours. Here, clay, stone, and bricks play an excellent role in storing heat.

principles of carbon monoxide free camping heater
Principles of portable hydronic heating
Apply masonry heating to camping heater by hydronic system
Cozy and fuel efficient masonry heaters

How does it work?

Learn from 2,500 years of human experience

In ancient Rome and Korea, people used to use the Ondol heating to prevent the cold in the house, which is to heat the clay, stone, and brick used in building construction. Today, it became a prototype of all modern radiant heating methods.

This can be easily applied to outdoor activities. 

Just as you can feel a pleasant warmth under the sunlight, even in the zero temperature, a similar phenomenon occurs in our portable heating system. In other words, heating process is composed of external water heating (sun) and indoor heat radiation (sunlight) by hot water which emits warm and pleasant heat, not too hot – flammable heat.

In addition,  water is a better transfer medium than air, so it is more energy efficient than air heating or forced air systems.

For instance, 16oz/460g butane can heat over 10 hours (heating temp 104F/40C, ambient temp 14F/-10C) without changing canister.

Why it is?

Safe from CO poisoning, low oxygen & fire risk

Защищен от отравления угарным газом, снижает риск возникновения кислорода и возгорания


Carbon Monoxide poisoning is still a real issue for campers. In the past few years we’ve heard of tragic stories over 50 people die each year from monoxide poisoning in tents, and more recently a family on a private boat in a certain country.

Carbon monoxide poisoning occurs when gas or charcoal (or fuels like them) fail to fully combust due to lack of oxygen in their surroundings.

Outdoor hydronic heating system is invented out of this reason. Boiler heats water outside tent and heated water circulates throughout inside tent or sleeping bag, safely radiating heat wave.


In addition, there are the following advantages that are essential for outdoor activities.

  • Fuel efficient (about 0.7oz/20g/hour)
  • Backpack-able light weight (from 5 lb/2.3Kg)
  • Heats overnight. No need to wake up at night.
  • Works anywhere without power supply
  • Works even under –4F/-20C temperature as far as fuel works
  • Auto temperature control (automatic model only)
  • Auto fuel supply and shut off (automatic model only)
  • Available for backpacking, ground camping, RV camping, Van camping, fishing and hunting stakeouts
CO free heater 복사
Install outside freestanding

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask.