Portable Hydronic Heating System

Camping Boiler

кемпинг котел

carbon monoxide free camping heater
Camping boiler composition

Even though “camping heater” is an easier name,  usually we prefer to call this product as “CAMPING BOILER”.


It is because “boiler” shows  its mechanism better at a glance than just “heater”. We hope to help people who are questioning about hydronic heating can categorize to understand at least roughly by this name. 


Camping boiler is composed of two main parts – heating and circulating.

We call heating module as “BOILER” and heat wave radiating part as “PAD”.

These two modules are connected by flexible tubing in order to transfer heat.

Then the “PAD” plays a role as a lying radiator to warm your sleeping bag, inner space of tent or fishing chair.

Like other type of heaters, it easily generates heat by fuel combustion like butane or iso-butane. (In order to use propane, pressure regulator is required)

Some water is also needed as a heat transfer medium.



This model is developed for backpacking, riding, fishing or travelling alone.

Its strong point is easy to install and light-weight (in case of boiler+mini pad, 4.95lb/2.25kg)


Operating temperature range is 40C/104F ~ 55C/131F.


It is worked only by boiler, pad, fuel and water. That is, there is no mechanical temperature controller in this model. 

Therefore, if you think the floor temperature is too high, considerable alternatives to get lower temperature which is actually used in outdoor activities are,

  1. Reduce fire to a smaller
  2. Put a pad underneath, not in a sleeping bag


The main feature of this product is that ignition / fuel supply control / temperature control is done automatically.

For this function, battery (0.7Ah/12V) and temperature controller are added.


As a substitute of 12V battery, mobile phone power charger and car electrical cigarette socket can be used if the relevant converter is available. 

By this power source, if you set your desired temperature with the controller, boiler keeps the temperature overnight.


Heating temperature range is 86F/30C ~ 140F/60C or higher.

This product can be used for up to three people pad and a wonderful choice for car camping, cabin camping, ground camping.

How to use

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask.