Carbon Monoxide (CO) Poisoning Free Camping Heater


This heater use hydronic heating system.

The heater is installed outside tent and the heated water flows into mat underthe sleeping bag.

Therefore, carbon monoxide is scattered into the atmosphere and there is no worry of air depletion inside tent.

Installed outside free standing
installed outside free standing

Heated water warms water pad primarily through heat conduction, which is accompanied by natural convection and radiation heat exchanging process.

That is, the heater heats water and circulates it through the water pad. The heated water, not only provides conducted heat, but air convection and heat radiation occurs together.

This heater consumes only 20~30 grams of fuel per hour.

It means input energy is small, so its heating is not strong.
But it’s enough to heat sleeping bag floor up to 60C/140F which effectively prevents cold air coming from ground overnight.
(We consider ideal temperature for tent sleep is 40C/104F or so with the exception of personal preference)

Keep the cold from ground
keep the cold from ground

If you think of a forced air heater, our hydronic heating method can not heat tent air as much as it, but just heat by air convection from hot water.

If your tent is for 1~2 person, it can warm up the tent air in a certain degree in spring and fall.

Meanwhile, if the outer temperature is too low (i.e. under 0C/32F), the heated pad will lose too much heat, no matter how the tent is good.

How can heat your tent?
How can heat your tent?


In case of single pad, minimal heating consumes about 20g of iso-butane per hour.
At this time, the temperature of the heat pad is about 40C/104F.

(With the exception of personal preference, we consider ideal temperature for tent sleep is 40C/104F or so)

460g/16oz fuel keeps you supplying warm floor about 20 hours.

Automatic : heater / water circulation pad / fuel supply valve / temperature controller (12V battery or power bank required)

Non automatic : heater / water circulation pad / fuel supply valve

Automatic :

It controls the temperature of water by your set temperature. Ignition / fuel supply control / temperature control is done automatically.
It requires 12v battery or power bank for 0.7A/hour of electricity.

Non automatic :

You can think of camping cooking stove. 

It does not have any mechanical controller, therefore you should adjust flame, temperature, ignition and extinguish by manipulating gas valve.

In the meantime, this model is easy to install : it is ready to use if only connected water pad, heater and fuel supply valve.

Single : 1.5ft x 5.6ft / 46cm x 170cm +1.2M hose (2.6lb/1.35Kg)

Double : 3.4ft x 6.7ft / 103cm x 203cm +1.2M hose (5.7lb/2.6Kg)

Triple : 4.8ft x 6.7ft / 145cm x 203cm +1.2M hose (6.6lb/3Kg)

For more specification :

Single : Longspeak-A

Double & Triple : Longspeak-X

Heater & single pad : 0.7~0.8L

Heater & double pad : 0.8~0.9L

Heater & triple pad : 0.9~1.0L

(Not to be over water return hole)

This heater can’t circulate ice through water tube.
So we advise our customer to remove all water from heater and pad after use.
If water freezes inside the pad, the heater can’t melt it. After melting the ice, put it in a heater and start heating.

The pads are so strong that they don’t leak easily and aren’t shocked like air beds.
However, handling in the following ways may damage the pads.
A. Poke or draw with a sharp objects.
B. Forcing the air into the pads with a compressor gun.

The amount of water in the pad is about 200ml ~ 300ml.

What are the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning?

Carbon monoxide is a particularly deadly gas because it bonds easily to the hemoglobin in your blood — that’s the red part designed for carrying oxygen around your body. Even if there are plenty of oxygen atoms available, they won’t be able to find a place to attach to the hemoglobin, leaving your brain starved for oxygen.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is often described as arriving with flu-like symptoms, including the following:

  • aches and pains
  • headaches
  • weakness
  • nausea or vomiting
  • chest pain or shortness of breath
  • dizziness or lightheadedness
  • balance problems
  • memory problems
  • unconsciousness

When more than one person in a room or building have these symptoms come upon them at the same time, it’s a good indication that carbon monoxide could be the cause. Open a window and leave the building at once; then call for help.

If you are doing outdoor activities, carbon monoxide poisoning free heater could be a good solution for CO poisoning.

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How Does Your Body Lose Heat?

  1. Evaporation: Evaporation causes a cooling effect. The body loses 85% of its heat through sweating during intense exercise. Wet clothes from sweating and increased respiration also trigger a drop in body heat.
  2. Radiation: Radiation causes heat to move away from the body. The body may lose more than 50% of its heat from radiation at temperatures lower than 68°F (20°C).
  3. Conduction: Conduction is the transfer of heat from physical contact. Conduction occurs at 68°F (20°C) and is responsible for the loss of body heat from sleeping on the cold ground.
  4. Convection: Convection occurs when a heated fluid (liquid or gas) travels away from a source. Take the example of a hot cup of tea. The rising steam coming off of the cup indicates the movement of heat as hot water transitions into gaseous water (wet steam). 
  5. Respiration: Heat loss from inhaling and exhaling colder air. If you are outdoors in the winter, then breathing in cold air is almost unavoidable. As long as you’re keeping your core warm, then respiration heat loss can be kept to a minimum.

 : Carbon monoxide free heater, CO free heater

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What are the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning?

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